Avalon Education is an after-school English academy. Classes are held in the afternoon until 10 or 11 pm. At Avalon, students develop their English language skills by studying with both Korean English teachers and native English speakers. Students spend half of their time with a Korean teacher, and the other half with a native speaker of English. Each teacher focuses on slightly different areas. The Korean teacher primarily focuses on grammar and vocabulary, giving the students the chance to ask questions and get clarification in their own language. In the native speaker’s class, the focus is on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation, and is the student’s chance to implement the things they’ve learned and be immersed in an English-only environment, allowing them to sharpen their English communication skills.

a) to be a native speaker of English.
b) to have a passport from one of the following countries:
- Canada (no Quebec)
- Australia
- New Zealand
- South Africa
- The UK
- Ireland
c) to have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from those countries except for Quebec in Canada in any

- Original diploma
- 1 sealed transcripts
- Passport first page photocopy
- 4 passport sized photos
- Criminal Background Check (with appropriate authentication)
- Self Health statement
- Signed contract
- Resume

Yes. Avalon will provide you with an apartment. You don’t need to find one on your own or pay rent!

Avalon provides single housing. Apartments vary slightly depending on location, but are generally studio apartments with a bathroom and a kitchen area with a stove, sink, and full-sized refrigerator. Apartments also have air conditioning and heating.

Apartments are typically within 10-20 minutes of your campus either on foot, by bus, or by subway.

Yes. Teachers are responsible for paying utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and monthly apartment management fees.

Working hours vary depending on your campus, but are either 3pm-10pm, or 4pm-11pm.

Class sizes vary. Average classes are 8-12 students, with a maximum of 20.

The number of teachers varies, but on average there are 7-8 foreign teachers at each campus, and the same number of Korean teachers. Some campuses have as few as 3 foreign teachers, or as many as 15.

It’s a good idea to bring 700-1000 dollars with you for living expenses during the period before you receive your first paycheck.

Yes, but there are not many international ATMs. In Seoul they’re much easier to find than in outlying areas. Most of the time one of the other foreign teachers at your school should be able to direct you to the nearest one.

Yes! It’s actually very easy. All you need is your passport and the address of where you’re staying, and you can set up a bank account in about half an hour.
Teachers are paid on the 30th of every month by direct deposit into their Korean bank account. If the 30th falls on a weekend or holiday, you’ll get paid on the Friday or business day before the 30th.
You can send money home by going to the bank with your passport, Alien Registration Card, and the information for your bank at home where the money will be sent.

Yes, teachers are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Plan. It’s not complete coverage, but it reduces costs for visits to the doctor, dentist, and any medication you might require.

You can go visit the doctor in Korea, and bring your medical card with you. Your foreign and Korean staff members will be able to direct you (or take you) to the nearest hospital.

Yes. Avalon follows an organized program, and the materials you’ll use in the class are all provided for you, along with a clear plan of what materials should be covered in each class.

Yes. We train our teachers for about a week before they are given a full schedule. During training you’ll get a chance to:
- Meet your new co-workers
- Learn about Avalon’s teaching methodology
- Learn about what to expect from your life outside of teaching
- Observe experienced teachers in the classroom
- Teach classes and be observed by your Head Teacher and Supervisor
- Receive feedback on your practice teaching to recognize successes and target areas for improvement

Avalon’s classrooms are intended to be English-only environments so the students can be truly immersed in the language. Teachers need to grade their language to an appropriate level where students are able to understand them.

Avalon pays for your flights to and from Korea for teachers who fulfill a one-year contract.

Avalon takes care of everything. Teachers just need to provide a date, and the name of the airport they’ll be departing from, and Avalon will book the flight.

Yes. There will be someone waiting for you at the airport to pick you up.

Depending on your arrival time, you’ll either be taken directly to your apartment, or you’ll be taken to your campus to meet your new co-workers. From there, you’ll be taken to your apartment.